Our most luxurious outdoor LED screen

Simply exceptional, the iBillboard v2.0 is a real eye-catcher on your premises

iBillboard v2.0 is ideal for your advertising campaigns and extremely suitable for use at events, automobile companies, retail stores, exhibition buildings, construction projects, shopping centers etc. Of course, also suitable for operation at fixed locations. iBillboard v2.0 is suitable for permanent and movable solutions, solid and therefore also easy to use for events, busy shopping areas and placement in public spaces.


iBILLBOARD v2.0 technical specification

6, 8 or 12m2 of screen surface

One sided or double sided model is available

Designed to be durable and high-performance, our LED products come with a maximum 10-year warranty plan

Online within 30 minutes

Plays text, images and video

Add content online

iBILLBOARD v2.0 weight is 3500 kg (7716 lbs)

Installed wherever you want

230 Volt or aggregate

Content Management

The iBILLBOARD v2.0 comes with user-friendly software with which you can easily change the video and image material yourself. This is possible via a website. The number of videos and images is unlimited, so unlimited possibilities.


An aesthetically pleasing solid construction of sustainably conserved steel (hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated). You can order your specific color of iBILLBOARD v2.0, original is black or space grey.


A nice and simple designed concrete foundation with round corners in a beautiful dark gray color, equipped with required anchors and adjustable legs with which the whole can easily be straightened, even on a non-flat surface.

A real eye-catcher

Our iBILLBOARD v2.0 is a real eye-catcher on your premises. The screen is mounted in a strong and sleek, durable steel casing. The iBILLBOARD v2.0 is always straight and level thanks to its prefabricated concrete base with adjustable legs.

Available in various designs

The iBILLBOARD v2.0 is available in various designs – standard single-sided LED, optional with static rear, LED, a trolley for installation inside behind a window, GSM for wireless control, and with our wall mounting set the iBILLBOARD v2.0 can also be easily mounted on the wall.

Easy to deploy

Do you want your informative or commercial message to stand out, for example at DIY stores, exhibitions or shopping centres? Then the striking iBILLBOARD v2.0 is a real eye-catcher. The solid construction includes a high quality screen with razor sharp image. No one can miss your message!


Our mobile LED iBILLBOARD v2.0 is very quick to set up, and is completely self-contained allowing for extreme flexibility. The iBILLBOARD v2.0 comes as a ready-to-use package including pole and prefab concrete foundation. All you have to do is provide the power supply. If desired, SCREENZ can arrange placement or deliver the product to your company. 

Utilize the full potential of your investment

Mobile LED billboards are versatile and portable, allowing you to change the location of your billboard as you see fit. The installation process takes only one person and it takes only 30 minutes. Our LED mobile billboards come in a variety of different sizes and features, and together with our customers, we help each company utilize the full potential of their investment.

We believe that the LED screen must be an enrichment, not an obstacle

Therefore, we work with a smart thought-out screen that can easily be installed, and never gets in the way. We are specialists with a large uniform rental fleet. We have a solution for every application. Together with you, we think how your message will come across at its best. With a LED screen by www.screenzled.co.uk you choose for convenience. We install a functioning installation, and assure you that you can adjust the content anywhere in the world by means of our CMS-system, of which can by logged on via our website.


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