Engaging in-store LED shelving display solutions

Discreet and informative, iSHELF adds value to your customers.

iSHELF is the first LED all-digital shelf edge technology capable of delivering dynamic pricing, promotion, product and brand related information at the shelf edge. Installation and connection is easy, while the revolutionary design with magnet and shackle allows quick install and remove without using the tools.

iSHELF technical specification

300 x 60 x 18.8mm

Based on AuroLED COB technology

High resolution / high refresh rate

1.875mm Pixel Pitch

2000:1 contrast

Plays video, photo and graphics

Fast and easy installation

Revolutionary magnet and shackle design

iSHELF in action

We believe that the LED screen must be an enrichment, not an obstacle

Therefore, we work with a smart thought-out screen that can easily be installed, and never gets in the way. We are specialists with a large uniform rental fleet. We have a solution for every application. Together with you, we think how your message will come across at its best. With a LED screen by you choose for convenience. We install a functioning installation, and assure you that you can adjust the content anywhere in the world by means of our CMS-system, of which can by logged on via our website.


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