Outdoor & Indoor LED display

Custom made outdoor LED Screens in any size you want

When choosing a large screen, why not make it the most impactful one possible?

Create video walls of almost unlimited size and combine modules into any shape depending on your preferred construction. We provide a high quality, cost effective solution for large scale advertisement, with the possibility of choosing the right video wall size and LED screen quality(pitch quality) to suit your budget.

Custom indoor and outdoor LED screens

Custom screens technical specification

Any surface you need

Great visibility in all occasions

Production level color calibration

4 – 16mm pixel pitch sizes

Weather resistant

Online within 15 minutes

Add content online

Easy and convenient operation

230 Volt or aggregate

Available with P4 – P16 resolution LED display, encased in a rigid housing.

SCREENZ LED warrants all of our products for a period of 3 years

Our work transforming your space into a digital world with unforgettable experiences

We believe that the LED screen must be an enrichment, not an obstacle

Therefore, we work with a smart thought-out screen that can easily be installed, and never gets in the way. We are specialists with a large uniform rental fleet. We have a solution for every application. Together with you, we think how your message will come across at its best. With a LED screen by www.screenzled.co.uk you choose for convenience. We install a functioning installation, and assure you that you can adjust the content anywhere in the world by means of our CMS-system, of which can by logged on via our website.


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Our best selling indoor LED display


Luxurious outdoor LED display


Luxurious outdoor LED display


Innovative in-store LED solutions

Transparent LED display

Next-generation indoor advertising

Outdoor & Indoor LED displays

Custom LED solutions for any time and place

Outdoor & Indoor LED displays

Custom LED solutions for any time and place