Transparent LED Display

Cover large surfaces and preserve transparency

The future of display advertising is here!

Traditional forms of advertising and carriers have become increasingly incapable of meeting the values and demands of existing brands. Screenz introduces the Transparent LED display system, with immersive experience that can reach users as no other advertising media!

Transparent LED technical specification

480 x 320 / 480 x 160 module size

140° view angle

1920HZ+ refresh rate

P3-P20 Pixel Pitch

72 – 86% transparency rate

Plays video, photo and graphics

Fast and easy installation

195 – 218W power consumption

Awarded for excelency in design

XT Series transparent LED display was awarded with IF in 2017.

Made to fit all needs

Transparent digital poster can update contents easily and won’t block the light like printed posters.

Control the content from your smartphone

Connect your smart Transparent LED display with our cloud and controll the content from anywhere.

Fast and easy publishing

With many templates to choose from, you can publish your adverts fast and easy.

Transparent LED display in action

We believe that the LED screen must be an enrichment, not an obstacle

Therefore, we work with a smart thought-out screen that can easily be installed, and never gets in the way. We are specialists with a large uniform rental fleet. We have a solution for every application. Together with you, we think how your message will come across at its best. With a LED screen by you choose for convenience. We install a functioning installation, and assure you that you can adjust the content anywhere in the world by means of our CMS-system, of which can by logged on via our website.


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